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Our dynamic team, experienced, competent, and knowledgeable, pride ourselves to deliver not only quality products, good business practice but customer satisfaction as well.

Meet the team below.


13 Glenhurst Street, Beaconvale,
Cape Town, 7500


our team

Gert Bekker

Plant director

Gert has extensive experience with over 25 years of foundry experience in copper melting (all copper specs) Ferrous/stainless/cast iron /nonferrous foundry (investment foundry) and aluminium melting.

His skill set enables GeT Alloys to improve Output, Quality and Continues Improvement. He is a valued member of this team and always there to assist and share his experiences and advice. In his spare time, he enjoys diving, golf, watching Rugby and he is a very big fan Of Western Province rugby. He also enjoys spending time with his family.

Wikus Du Plessis

Operations and Risk Manager

Wikus has extensive experience with over 24 years in Occupational Health and Safety Management, Operational Management, Quality Management, ISO Standards and Continues Improvement.

His skill set enables GeT Alloys to operate to a high level of quality and safety. In his spare time, he enjoys freshwater fishing, watching rugby and spending time with family.

GeT Alloys - Chezlan Topass



As a registered associate of SAICA, Chezlan has more than 8 years of post article experience in various businesses and industries across SA. As a finance professional, Chezlan also has an operational background in manufacturing and construction.

He is a young, disciplined, and analytical individual who is results-driven and believes in “life-long learning” to ultimately better oneself and those around him.

Rudi de Witt

Maintenance Manager

Rudi has experience in various maintenance-related environments and his expertise in maintaining equipment is a key factor in ensuring that production is running at full capacity and minimizing downtime.

His skill set also enables GeT Alloys to stay ahead with technology. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time exploring Cape Town and spending time with his Family.

Julius Okiror

Project Manager

Julius has 10 years’ experience in market research and project management. He is also a PhD candidate in Economics at Stellenbosch University and is expected to complete at the end of 2021.
His skill set enables GeT Alloys to effectively execute on a variety of complex project assignments. In his spare time, he enjoys the occasional golf game, watching soccer and reading current affairs.

Chane Delport

Office Manager

Chane is a go-getter, team player with experience in the office administration and management environment. She excels in pressure problem solving and getting tasks done timeously. No task is too big for her to handle. Her experience and knowledge of the OHS sector is an added asset to all.

Chane is a family driven individual and enjoys lazy Sundays in the sun, scuba diving and adrenaline-filled adventures.

GeT Alloys -  Chane Delport

Warren Smith

Yard Manager

Warren has extensive experience in the scrap metal sectors.

His skill set enables GeT Alloys to manage its scrap supplies, Quality of materials, segregate and make up charges for the foundry with precision. This enables GeT Alloys to deliver a high-quality product. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his family and fast cars.

Azraa Khan

Operations assistant

Feisty, fun with a great personality, Azraa’s lifetime goal is to be successful. Azraa is easily adaptable to whatever situation she is faced with. Her pleasures in life sure is eating, music, dancing and spending quality time with family.

GeT Alloys -  Chane Delport

Dorothy Ryklief


Dorothy comes from the clothing sector and has recently joined the GeT Alloys Team, she makes the best coffee and always ensures that all areas of admin are in clean condition.

She enjoys family time and spending time with her grandchildren.

Abigail Sauls

Tea Lady

Striving towards a career in Public Management, learn and growth is part of Abigail’s daily life. Abby not only has a friendly face, but her contagious laughter brightens up the office.

Abby enjoys interacting with others and the fresh outdoors. With a daughter of 3 years old, family time is always treasured in her household.

GeT Alloys - Abigail Sauls

In Need of our help?

GeT Alloys has upgraded the plant and has grown the business into one of the leading aluminium foundries in South Africa. We are a Cape Town-based secondary Aluminium smelter. Our in-depth expertise enables us to offer a wide range of high-quality Aluminium Ingots to our domestic and international clients.